Bicycle Repairs

Let the fun begin!

I need very badly to replace my rear wheel. Not the tire (I’ve done that already after wearing one through completely), but the wheel. The rim is basically worn through (from running on non-existant brakes) and has a couple of interesting bends (from not timing jumps over curbs right). So, it’s time for something new.

I’ve determined that I’m not up to building a wheel myself (largely because I wouldn’t be able to true it–don’t have the right tools) and I might be able to put the cassette from my existing wheel on to the new one.

The main issue is that wheels can be expensive. I guess I get it, after looking into how they’re built, but…wow, they’re quite a bit more than I was expecting. Oh well, I guess I suck it up and order a new wheel so I can teach myself a new bike repair technique.

Fun times ahead!


2 thoughts on “Bicycle Repairs

  1. Good luck finding an affordable replacement wheel – check around, they vary in price a lot. Just finished fixing three broken spokes. Don’t be so afraid of truing a wheel – you can do it on your bike with a simple spoke wrench. All it takes is a little practice.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. The main issue, as with learning any new skill, is the time it will take. Time which is, unfortunately, in very short reply. I guess it’s a prioritization question. If I need to make this a priority, I guess I’ll find the time. Truing with a spoke wrench does sound like a good skill to have, though.

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