Back from Vacation…Traveling Again

So, we went back home to Colorado for two weeks to visit our families.  Many hadn’t yet met the twins, so that was fun.  Some highlights:

1) An enforced internet fast.  Nothing for a week, and it was nice.  I found myself making more time for the kids than usual, since I didn’t have the siren song of the intertubes calling.

2) Hiking–and no complaints!  Yakum and Ikinji hiked up to Hanging Lake–1.25 miles each way, with a 1000ft. gain in altitude, and this at the end:  Hanging LakeThey didn’t complain until we were at the end and back on the bike path to the parking lot.  Considering it was six hours, I’ll cut them some slack.  The complaints were mainly about who got to lead the herd. 

3) Food, food, food.  As my sister-in-law put it, “how can you plan anything without it being food-centered?”  Good food and good times on both sides of the Divide.  The best part was, I was only responsible for cooking a small part of it.

4) Uncles and aunts.  Yakum, Ikinji, Tertia, and Quartia got to spend lots of time with their uncles and aunts.  The Wife and I had no shortage of babysitters.  In fact, it was sometimes hard to get to hold one of the twins, there were so many hands around. 

So, it was a great trip.  We returned to the reality of needing to plan for our move to Liberia.  We leave in just under two weeks, now.  The first week of July was consumed by dealing with the bureaucracy of getting flights and our pack-out arranged.  And visa applications, along with vaccinations.  And my regular duties, of course.  We’re getting there, and this week should go smoothly, before the madness of packers and getting on a plane. 

We started anti-malarials today, so we’ll see if anyone has negative reactions.  I hope not, since melfloqine is pretty much the most benign out there for little ones.  I suppose the daily Malarone is a little more tolerated, but the twins are too little, and post won’t provide it since it’s so expensive.  Oh well.  Could be worse. 

Time to buy bed nets.