Good Government

Worth a read. Good analysis of the tendency to aggregate power to higher and higher levels of political organization (I don’t mean Political Organizations, I mean more moving from fifedoms and kingdoms to nation-states). However, such a tendence goes against the principle of subsidiarity, which, to my mind, ought to be reinjected into the concept of public service and into the DNA of government.

According To Hoyt


Good government is sort of like unicorns and fairies.  We all know what it’s supposed to look like, we just have never seen any.

That said, though government is something that can go wrong very easily, due to the normal pressures of the human makeup (and even their rouge) there are degrees on how bad a government can get.

Arguably, the founders tried to create good government by surrounding it with internal pressures designed to keep it small.  What they counted without was semantic wizards capable of turning “interstate commerce” into laws over everything including what type of food you can grow and how much and what kind of cars you can drive.  They certainly didn’t count on the power to tax meaning that you’d have to submit your possible treatment to a panel of bureaucrats.  Or perhaps they knew it, and they thought if they could establish a…

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