Rain in Monrovia

It rains in Monrovia.  Lots.  We’re nearing the end of rainy season, so it’s raining even more.  We get a torrential downpour at least daily, if not a couple of times a day.  Then it will drizzle most of the day, and sometimes taper off.  This is great, but it complicates biking to work.

Now, bicycling in Monrovia is somewhat of a novelty.  There certainly isn’t the infrastructure for it.  There’s barely infrastructure for cars.  The roads have giant potholes that could eat a small (or large) sedan.  There is no shoulder to speak of, and what there is is filled with sand, mud, trash, and cars or motorcyclists.  So, I get a lot of strange looks.  Even more when it’s raining.

Monday and Tuesday I thought the downpour had started early enough that it would taper off while I was en route.  Not so.  It actually started raining harder while I was riding.  I was soaked when I got to work.  My panniers are waterproof, but Liberian rain laughs at U.S. waterproofing.  My second line of defense is a garbage bag.  My suit usually remains dry with this set up.

This morning, the deluge just kept on going, and looked like this:

16th St rainIMG_9332

For comparison, this is what it looks like when it isn’t raining:

16th St SunnySunny Capitol

Ah, the joys of living in what is alleged to be the rainiest national capital in the world.