Biking in the Rain

So, this morning it looked like I would be OK to bike to work. Cloudy, but it wasn’t raining when I left. I should have known better.

I get about a half a block down the street and it starts to drizzle. Not a problem. Three blocks and there’s a light rain. Six or so blocks, and onto a main road and it opens up for a minute or two. When I get about half way, headed up a hill, it opens up again.

And my chain slips.

I should have changed the chain last weekend. I was getting some skips, but nothing bad. Today, of course, going up a long, relatively steep hill, in the heavy rain, it slips of the gear.

I take care of it, and the rain lets up some. I get almost to work and it starts raining again. Up another long hill, where there are lots of cars (I go right by WFP, WHO, and a couple of UN offices) with a chain that’s threatening to skip off the gear. In the rain.

I did make it, without any additional problems. And I wasn’t even all that wet.

I guess I have some bike repairs to do this weekend.