Beautiful Friday

To round out this week’s saga about biking in the rain, today was beautiful.  No rain at all.  The sun rose and broke through the cloud cover.  Birds were singing (seriously–pepper birds and pigeons, but no kingfishers), there was a gentle breeze, just a perfect day.

The ride in was great.  The only problem was a police checkpoint on capitol bypass that gummed up an intersection.  They had taxis opening their trunks.  Maybe they were looking for drugs, extra passengers, or Ebola patients.  Who knows?

When it gets sunny like this, Liberians get out early to do laundry so their clothes can dry in the sun.  By mid-morning, you’ll see every available surface covered with clean clothes: bushes, fences, car windows and hoods, everything. With the African block-print lappa, it can be quite colorful.

The main point is that, in spite of Ebola, and the grinding poverty, and the lack of infrastructure, and all the other problems that are Liberia, life goes on.  People take advantage of the sunshine when they can, and stay under awnings when it rains.  If they can, they get together and talk, or play games, or just hang out.  And life goes on.