The Father’s Business

While I was praying the Rosary the other day, the fifth joyful mystery captured my attention:  The Finding in the Temple.  The synopsis is that the Holy Family went to Jerusalem for Passover, and, when Passover was over, Mary and Joseph left, assuming that the 12-year-old Jesus was in among the traveling group.  It took them about a day to discover he wasn’t in the crowd, so they hurry back to Jerusalem, where they find Jesus in the Temple, teaching the elders there.  Mary tells Jesus that she and Joseph were worried, and asked why He didn’t leave with everyone else.  Jesus responds that he was about His Father’s business.  Mary remembered this, and pondered it in her heart.

What struck me was the joy of reunion, even if mixed with consternation.  With the enforced separation from my family due to the Ebola crisis, I look forward to our reunion.  I think about them all the time, and I’ve been reflecting on ways that even when we’re physically together, maybe I’ve been mentally absent or away.  I’m realizing how important it is to really be with my family, to pay attention to the kids and to my wife.

I also think that God is doing work while we’re away from each other.  Yakum will be making her first confession in November, with the religious education group she’s been enrolled in.  My wife has expressed some trepidation about preparing our children for the sacraments, especially confession.  I was trying to do some catechesis with Yakum, but we never really got into the swing of it. Also, my brother and sister-in-law are having their marriage rectified this coming weekend.  The rest of my family will be there, which is exciting.  Maybe, just maybe, the witness of my older brother, and my family being there (even if I’m not) will help bring my younger brother back to the Faith.

In short, even though we’re apart, I have faith that the Father’s work is being done.  That will make the reunification much more joyful when it happens.