Solemnity of All Saints

Etheldreda’s Place has a couple of great posts (OK, all of her posts are great) on what All Saints Day really means.  It is not the feast of the Church Militant (that is, us, in this valley of tears), it is the feast of the Church Triumphant–those who have been purified and who enjoy the beatific vision.

This morning at mass, Father echoed this, and underscored that it is the feast of all the saints in Heaven, and it reminds us that we are called to be saints, too.  Not that it will be easy, mind you, and not that the saints had it easy.  We are all called to holiness based on our state of life (married, single, religious) and the saints in Heaven are there as examples for us, and to intercede for us, so that we, too, can join them in the presence of God.