Changing Seasons

One thing about living in the tropics is you need to get used to two seasons:  Rainy and dry.  Actually, here, it’s more like rainy and not-quite-so-rainy.

Dry season usually begins around the first part of November, so we’ve been transitioning for the past couple of weeks.  There are still soaking torrential downpours, but they happen more often in the early morning than all day.  They’re also much shorter.  We also get some spectacular thunderstorms with the change in seasons.

Even though we’re in the Northern Hemisphere, November-April is hotter than rainy season.  Basically, since we don’t have as much cloud cover, it gets hot.  Yes, it’s the Northern Hemisphere, but we’re close enough to the equator that the sun’s rays aren’t that much more oblique, so we don’t cool down nearly as much as further north.

All this is to say, I have confirmed that cats shed in response to heat, rather than in response to longer days.

I may need to take up felting.