Fruits of Liberia: Butter Pear

Butter Pear

These are butter pears.  Here’s a better look at one of them:


Yep, its an avocado.  Butter pear actually makes sense, if you think about it.  It’s pear-shaped, and the flesh inside is rather buttery.  Liberians do call it avocado, but more often you hear butter pear.

It definitely isn’t a haas avocado.  We’re in peak avocado season now, I think, because the ones I’m buying are just at the point of ripeness.  They need used (or at least cut and stored) within a day or so.  This variety doesn’t seem to do so well ripening on the counter.  They stay pretty firm, and have a bitter edge to them if you buy them too early.  Not bad, and nothing a little salt can’t take care of, but the underripe ones can’t compare to the fully ripe ones.  These are perfect.

Cut AvocadoThere’s a pretty big seed inside.

Remove it the way you would with any other avocado seed.  Again, these are just perfectly ripe, so the seed came right out.


This batch went in a salad, and on toast with a poached egg.  Almost eggs Benedict, but I didn’t make hollandaise.  Maybe next time.

I’ve maintained that there’s no reason Liberia should have food security issues.  You can’t keep things from growing.  Case in point:  I neglected to fully cut up an avocado seed before putting it on the compost heap.  A few weeks later, when I went to turn the pile, I saw it had sprouted.  I transplanted it, so we’ll see how it goes.