Funerals ARE for the Dead.

Well written explanation of why Catholics do funerals the way we do…er…are supposed to. Good to remember during this month of November.

Aliens in This World

If you do not believe in the afterlife, or if you do not believe in the efficacy and friendliness of prayer for the dead, then I am not offended if you say that “Funerals are for the living, not the dead.” You are wrong, but you are being truthful to your own theology.

If you are a Catholic and you say that, you don’t know your own faith.

The reason we have funerals is not so we can make a party out of medical waste disposal. It isn’t even so that we can remember and honor the dead person while we work through our sad feelings. Nor is it about celebrating someone turning into a soul-butterfly and leaving his corpse-chrysalis behind.

First of all, Catholics don’t believe that you’re ditching your useless husk, or anything like that. If you have been Baptized, then it’s not just your soul that received…

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