State of Emergency Lapsed…

Let’s hope common sense doesn’t lapse as well.

The President of Liberia allowed the 90 day state of emergency lapse on Thursday.  Depending on how you counted it, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday could have been the end.  In her address to Liberia, she noted significant progress against Ebola, but reminded people that the fight is not over and that we still need to take precautions.  She relaxed the curfew a little, and officially re-opened markets, except for those near hotspots or micro-outbreaks.  She also explained that the existing public health law is adequate for any restrictions that need to be in place.

From a legal standpoint, they probably didn’t need the state of emergency in the first place, and the public health law could have covered restrictions on large gatherings and more than four passengers in a taxi, not that those were really consistently enforced under the state of emergency anyway.  No, what it did was emphasized to the population that this was an extraordinary situation, and that business as usual wasn’t going to cut it.

I hope that people will still take precautions, and not see the end of the state of emergency as a signal that the danger of Ebola is passed.  We’ll see in about a week if there’s a general increase in cases, since average incubation seems to be 2-8 days.

Here’s hoping a praying that we’re really on the downswing, and that we can get to zero new cases soon.