One (gift) Down…

Ikinji is on a knight and dragon slayer kick. Actually, he has been for about a year now. He has a plastic sword (and made at least one cardboard one, and sticks, well, they’re fair game, too), and dressed as a knight for Halloween. One of his favorite movies is Disney’s “Sword in the Stone.” Actually, that’s a favorite all around.


Anyway, I decided to make him a belt for Christmas, similar to the kilt belt I made. All it is is a single row of 6-in-1 chain mail (the kilt belt has two rows, not one).

I finished one end with a 4-in-1 set to keep the rings a little neater. I might try to find a better buckle, but this will do in a pinch.


I also put on a twisted chain for a sword loop.IMG_9427

So, one gift down, three more to go. More craftiness ahead.