Desert Cat, Tropical Cat

I’m anthropomorphizing here, but it’s funny how the cats have different personalities that reflect where they’re from.

Lavash is our desert cat, from Turkmenistan.  She can be somewhat aloof, but is actually very sweet.  She hates getting wet.  Temperature swings don’t bother her at all; she just moves to a warmer (or cooler) place depending on what she wants.  She’s very much a patient hunter, but lethal for her patience–just ask the lizards and geckos that happen to wander in.

Benson is the tropical cat.  He’s very friendly and outgoing.  Sweet, too, and wants to be right up with you at all times.  He doesn’t mind water.  In fact, trying to use a spray bottle to get him off the counter has no effect.  It doesn’t even slow him down.  He’ll willingly put his paws in water if it means he can get to food (or something vaguely edible).  He hasn’t experienced a winter yet, but he’s pretty particular about being in the right temperature zone, and seems to move out of a sunbeam more quickly than you would expect when he overheats.  Maybe it’s because he’s young, but he’s more of the attack hunter.  He isn’t very sly or subtle at all in trying to get lizards or wasps or other insects.  Even so, he’ll get the prey about half the time.

The amazing thing is they get along pretty well.  I just wonder when they will start tag-teaming to get to the cat food stash.  I wouldn’t put it past them to figure out how to open the door, and I know at least one of them can get in the latched pail that we keep the bags in.