Fruits of Liberia: Cherries (from a Palm, that is)

This is a bowl full of cherries:

African Cherries


At least, they’re called cherries here.  They’re really a palm fruit of some sort…I haven’t quite figured out which palm bears them, but suspect it may be Pseudophoenix sargentii, or Buccaneer Palm, also known as Cherry Palm.  Since I haven’t see the tree, I can’t be certain.

IMG_9445  Coconuts, dates, oil palm fruit, and acai are just a few examples of palm fruits.  Along with these, of course.

The fruit is small, about the size of a small cranberry, orIMG_9448 maybe a large garden pea.  There’s a seed inside, which is a bit smaller than a pencil eraser.

They are very tart.  Almost cranberry-like.  I’m quite tempted to try and make a mock cranberry sauce out of them if they last that long.

These particular fruits came from Grain Coast Farms as part of their weekly CSA.   Grain Coast has been working with small holder farmers, teaching them how to grow sustainable, organic vegetables to sell to premium markets.  Last year, they exported okra to the EU.  This year Ebola put a damper on things, but they’re still trying.  It’s the sort of initiative that Liberia needs, and has the potential to make a long-term positive impact on the economic situation.  They also provide some really good food while they’re at it.