Thanksgiving Foods

We don’t have a set tradition of Thanksgiving foods, really.  Basically, whatever’s seasonal and sounds good.  Stuffed pumpkin or squash usually makes an appearance.  Sweet potato something-or-other, too.  It’s pretty free form, only there must be lots.  Depending on how ambitious we feel, there may be a special breakfast.

This year, I started the day with a sweet potato kugel and cinnamon rolls.  OK, actually cinnamon-clove-anise rolls (because I like those flavors) with a yogurt icing.  The icing was almostIMG_9459 lemony against the spices, and really good.  The dough recipe comes from the “American Wholefoods Cookbook,” and I substituted molasses for the honey, so the rolls are a little darker than they would be otherwise.

We had a potluck at the ambassador’s residence.  Turkey, ham, and fish were the main dishes, along with all sorts of sides and desserts.  There was really good Liberian spicy rice, and some good stuffing.  I contributed browned butter balsamic vinegar green beans (recipe at Two Healthy Kitchens) (sorry, no picture) and a chocolate pound cake (recipe adapted from Jenni Field’s Pastry Chef Online).  I used demerara sugar instead of the brown, subbed in star anise instead of the cayIMG_9463enne, and used milk soured with balsamic vinegar instead of the half and half and sour cream called for.  The cake was really good, with a tender, fall-apart crumb (but sturdy enough to come out of the pan in one piece) and just enough interesting highlights to play against the chocolate.

Happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Foods

    • Thank you for stopping by, and for the kind words on the variation. The cake was wonderful, and I especially love the way carefully explain the technique for your pound cakes. I love you site–it’s one of my go-to websites for recipes and technique.

    • If you want to come out to Liberia, you’d be welcome! The beans were a hit. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the line, they were gone. I guess I’ll just have make your recipe again with the long beans from this week’s CSA. Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I have a growing list of recipes from your site that I need to try out. The mint chocolate chip popcorn especially seems to be calling…

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