Stand Mixer Repairs

Before I was able to make the Thanksgiving foods this week, I had to engage in a little stand mixer repair.  My KitchenAid is about seven years old, and I definitely make it work.  I’ve made it stall out a time or two (and had to replace gears because of it) and I’ve voided the warranty several times over.  Not in the least because I have to run it on a transformer.  I suppose I could source a 220v motor for it, but those things are almost as much as a new mixer.

This week’s repair was tightening the top.  I use the mixer to knead whole wheat bread dough almost weekly.  Sometimes the entire top section (that houses the gears and motor) works itself loose, so it isn’t as efficient at kneading dough.  The repair is easy, but you probably void your warranty if you take the thing apart.  Like I said, that’s the least of my worries at this point.  All you need is a Phillips screwdriver.

First, you remove the silver band that runs around the IMG_9456approximate middle of the top.   There’s a screw at the back that holds it on.  Once you remove it, the band comes off like this:

Which gives you access to four more screws around the side (two on each side) like this:IMG_9455



Then the top comes off, giving you access to the motor (lIMG_9450) and the gearbox (r)


You actually need to take the gearbox off so that you can lift the motor enough to reach the screws that you need to tighten.  Hmmm…I may need to re-grease the gears one of these days.   IMG_9454


You lift the motor out of the way and reach down to the three screws inside.  Tighten them up, then put the parts back together IMG_9453and you’re done.

Now I’m ready for holiday baking.