First Sunday of Advent

Advent is one of my favorite seasons.  It’s hard to observe properly when you’re in the U.S., and here, too, but we do an OK job.

This morning, Father focused on how Advent is a time of preparation for the Second Coming.  Yes, we’re preparing to commemorate the Nativity, but really the church focuses on preparation and repentance until the 17th, at which time the feel of the season changes to one of joyful anticipation for the Incarnation.

I had to raise an eyebrow when he said the season wasn’t focused as a penitential season, but he did an adequate job of explaining that repentance and penance is a part of preparing for the Second Coming, that we may be judged worthy at the end of time.  I do cut him some slack since he’s approaching the first anniversary of his ordination, so sometimes he isn’t as clear as he wants to be.  He’s getting there, though.