Gift Making on Hiatus

I just spent four hours trying to repair our sewing machine.  It stopped taking up the bobbin thread.  It appears that the bobbin isn’t moving the way it’s supposed to.  I opened up the machine, cleaned it out, checked the timing, took the gears off to adjust the timing anyway (twice), double checked that it was cleaned, and put it back together.  I’ve re-threaded (four times), played with the tension and stitch length, and tried a new needle and other bobbins.

I think I may need a new bobbin case.  That should take about three weeks to get here.  Good thing I was planning Epiphany gifts rather than Christmas gifts.

Probably the most frustrating part is that I am a quarter of the way finished with the last stitch on a sunbonnet for one of our friends’ kids.  Sooooo very close.  IMG_9465

I’ve got four more bonnets and one bucket hat, in addition to dresses for my girls.

With any luck, I’ll be able to borrow a machine from someone.  Then again, given the way today has been going, that seems a remote possibility.

Here’s hoping, though!