The Charity of Strangers – A Blast From The Past post from June 2007

The additional article from Spiegel at the end of the blog post is still accurate, I’m sorry to say. Now, the Ebola situation is a little different, but the challenge is making sure that we leave West Africa equipped to handle the next outbreak of (insert really scary disease here) on its own without it turning into a huge crisis. There are, believe it or not, efforts to mentor and train Liberians in basic health care while they’re working in the Ebola treatment units. We might get it right this time, on this particular issue. If we’re lucky.

According To Hoyt

*Note from 2014 — yes, I was doing my best to be non political.  Eh.*

I should be working on my overdue novel or writing my overdue short story. I’m not. The reason I’m not is because I’ve been turning an ethical problem in my mind.

And this is going to lead me to break one of my longstanding rules, which is not discussing religion or politics in public.

Not that what I’m about to discuss is religion – exactly – or politics – exactly. But it touches on both.

The fact is, I’m aware that some of you are going to be very angry at me. I’m aware some of you will be angry enough never to read me again. I’m also aware that I’ll be violating one of Heinlein’s rules – to wit – “Only a fool or a sadist tells the unvarnished truth in social situations.”


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