Fruits(?) of Liberia: Breadnut

These are breadnuts:

IMG_9469They are basically a tropical chestnut.  Similar to a chestnut, they have an outer shell (only this one isn’t spiky) (l), a papery inner membrane (c), then the actual fruit (r).





[Sorry for the bad photo…it’s been rainy and cloudy for the past couple of days.  Rainy season seems to have made a return appearance.]

The breadnut is related to, but different from, breadfruit.  They are both somehow related to the mulberry.  The short explanation is that a breadfruit is a large (fused) fruit with small seeds, and breadnuts are large seeds of a fused fruit.

Flavor wise, the breadnut is very mild.  Not dissimilar to a chestnut, only less sweet.  To prepare, I boiled for five minutes, then roasted for five in a 375 oven.  They turned out fine.  I could see using them in savory dishes (chestnut stuffing?), maybe browned in a saute dish and added as a starch to a meal.