Solemnity of the Epiphany of our Lord

Epiphany Creche


The church in Liberia celebrated Epiphany on Sunday.  Also, since I was traveling on the actual day, I went ahead and did the Epiphany house blessing on Sunday.

We had a very good homily which focused on the last line of the Gospel, about the wise men returning home another way.  Father discussed how yes, they avoided going back to Herod, but the line means much more than that.  He went into how our encounters with Jesus should make us change our ways, how any time we encounter the Lord, something positive is added to our lives.  He exhorted us to allow Jesus to change our ways, to conform our way of living to God’s plan.  He also suggested that if we weren’t changed by Christmas, by the coming of the Christ, then we hadn’t adequately prepared and were unable to properly receive Him into our lives.  If that is the case, we have the chance at every mass, every time we pray, every time we participate in a liturgical function, to really allow Christ to enter our lives and to change us, to make us go back to our daily activities in a new way, and with a new outlook.