Settling Back In

We’ve been back in Liberia for a week.  Given the seven hour time difference, we ought to be fully over jet lag.  I think that everyone is, but the twins have been napping much later than usual the past two days.  I adjusted pretty quickly, although Wednesday I felt like I was stuck in molasses all day.

The cats seem excited to have everyone back.  Lavash especially seems happier and more playful (given there are more people to play with).  Benson is still very much a goofball, but sweet and showing affection to everyone.  The other night one of the twins was sitting on the floor looking at a book, and Benson plopped down beside her.

Schools were supposed to reopen Monday, February 2, but the ministries involved (health, education) didn’t quite have all their health protocols in place and teachers trained.  It’s been pushed back to the 16th.  Still, the international school seems to be moving forward, and will be registering and assessing students this week.  The situation is fluid, of course, so we’re rolling with it.

It’s great to be back together.  The extra chaos is worth it.