Chinese New Year

OK, so we celebrated a couple of days late.  Thursday I was busy with work (rewriting the schedule for some important visitors because the flight schedule we had showed them coming in to one airport, when in reality they came into the other one), so we deferred the Chinese feast.

We had spring rolls (wrapper recipe from Joe Pastry) filled with bok choi, cucumber, and scallion,DSC07748

baozi  (recipe for the dough also from Joe Pastry, modified to be whole wheat) filled with pumpkin,DSC07756

and eggplant and mushroom stirfry (no recipe needed).

Yakum and Ikinji made all of the spring rolls (except for the two I used to demonstrate), and most of the baozi.  They did rather a good job with the spring rolls, I think.  The most important thing, though, is that we got to spend time together, working on something for the family.  Definitely a highlight of the week.

I don’t think my wife told them that on Chinese New Year you eat foods that symbolize luck and wealth, but they came up with calling the baozi bags of coins and the spring rolls satchels of dollars.  Clever kids.