Wars and Rumors of Wars – David Pascoe

Key point: “What we do have is hope. And a whole lot of it”

According To Hoyt

Wars and Rumors of Wars – David Pascoe

The world – and I say this with qualified reservation – seems to be going to hell. I mean, I’m not sure it’s time to strip down and wear a sandwich board reading, “the END is NIGH,” but there’s some badness going on, pretty much across the planet.

A prominent leader in popular opposition to everybody’s second favorite Vlad (I mean, how can you hate a tsar, premier, president who hunts tigers shirtless? Except for that whole Ukraine thing. And the Georgia thing. Also, the whole NKVD thing…) was shot and killed just outside the Kremlin, Saturday. Vlad said the murder had all the marking of a contract hit, and then cast significant looks at other prominent opposition leaders.

ISIS/L keeps beheading people, in Libya, this time (which suggests a name change could be in the offing), though some folks have

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