Recap of Laetare “Week”

Last week, the week after Laetare Sunday, turned into a series of small celebrations, turning it into a “Rejoice Week” rather than just a Sunday.

First off, Sunday, of course, was the mid-point of Lent (well, more or less…you see, the counting gets a little confusing since Sundays don’t count in the 40 days, and Lent ends with the Triduum.  Yakum got her head all turned around trying to make it be the 20th day of Lent).  After a rough start, the day actually turned out pretty well.  We did a St. Patrick’s Day craft in advance of Tuesday, and introduced the long version of St. Patrick’s Lorica to the kids (English, not Latin, though).  They got a kick out of the idea of prayer being like armor.


Monday was a Liberian holida y, J.J. Robert’s birthday.  J.J. Roberts was the first President, and the holiday is treated very much like Labor Day in the U.S.–sort of a last chance to go to the beach and be outside with friends before rainy season hits sometime in April.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day.  I offered my services as a bagpiper for the school’s morning assembly, and in the evening for a potluck.  I made soda bread, and found out my large ceramic proofing bowl can just barely handle 60 ounces of flour.  Even though it turned into a later than usual night, everyone had a good time (and got up more or less cheerful and on time on Wednesday).

Thursday was St. Joseph’s Day, and, it being a solemnity, we had cheese.  The kids had cheese burritos for lunch, and I made zeppole with ricotta cream for dessert.  The puff recipe came from Joe Pastry’s site (but I used whole wheat flour). I made ricotta (yes, you can use UHT milk), then after it had cooled, used a hand mixer on it until it turned creamy.  I added a couple tablespoons of honey to sweeten it.  The end result was really good.


Saturday was Navruz, the Persian/Central Asian new year, so we celebrated with Plof.

So, not a bad way to spend the just-past-the-middle-of-Lent-week.