Stop the Countdown

Friday evening there was a new confirmed Ebola case in Liberia.  Right now, they aren’t sure how she contracted the virus, so that’s a major issue of investigation.  The good news is that the system worked.  She apparently presented herself at a hospital complaining of a headache and a couple of the other symptoms.  The Liberian health care workers sent her to the Ebola screening/triage unit, where they thought she might have Ebola.  She’s currently in treatment and contact tracers are monitoring all her contacts, including immediate family members.

So, not Ebola free yet, but Liberia has shown that they can detect cases right away before it spirals out of control again.


2 thoughts on “Stop the Countdown

    • Hopefully they figure out the how of the transmission. There are a couple of theories, one is that there’s a connection t Sierra Leone, which means there may be an undisclosed case out there, and the other is that it was transmitted sexually, which would be the first documented case of transmission through intercourse with a survivor.

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