Easter Friday Meets Liberian Fast and Prayer Day

Today, the second Friday of April, was Liberian Fast and Prayer Day, a national holiday set aside to fast and pray to God (in whatever your religious tradition is, be it Christian, Muslim, or “Traditional” (animist)).  It’s a little on the odd side.  On the one hand, great that the government provides the opportunity, but on the other hand, it’s not like Liberia is unified by a single religion, much less denomination.  As such, it rings a little hollow, basically that it’s a tradition that has been passed down that is devoid of meaning.

I find it especially unusual since it falls during the Octave of Easter.  According to Fr. Z, we are not required to abstain from meat today (or cheese in our case, even though we did by happenstance).    While we joined our Liberian friends in praying, we certainly did not fast, it being part of the biggest Solemnity of our calendar.

I guess this is what happens when a secular government tries to put on religious trappings without real spiritual meaning behind it–it just goes sideways, as do many things here.