First Communion

Our oldest child, Yakum, made her first communion on Pentecost Sunday.

She did her first confession in November in Colorado, and once they came back to Liberia we continued her preparation at home.  We probably could have enrolled her in catechism classes at the church, but the timing was a little awkward, and it was unclear what they would be covering.  So, we worked at it, trying to prepare her as best we could.  Finally, in early May we asked her if she thought she was ready.  She wasn’t entirely sure, so we asked if she knew what the Eucharist was.  She nailed it.  She was ready.

Shortly after that, we took her for an appointment with the parish priest, who asked her a couple of questions and pronounced her ready.  He suggested May 24, the feast of Mary, Help of Christians (which was replaced by Pentecost this year).

The day of, our generator went out.  No problem, pb&j for breakfast.  We also had a couple of other snags, but I wasn’t going to let those interfere with the event.  Yes, it took an act of will, but it worked out.

The visiting priest announced that one of the mass intentions was for her as she made her first communion.  When the time came, she received first, from the priest, under both species via intinction.  This is especially notable since the Archbishop issued a letter reinforcing that the Ebola precautions (hand washing buckets, no sign of peace, and no receiving on the tongue) are still in place because of the cases in the neighboring countries.  Because I knew the precautions were still in place, I wanted to make sure she knew how to receive on the hand, and hadn’t prepared her for on the tongue.  Oh well, it went fine.  She did look a little surprised, though.

We celebrated with a meal of roasted eggplant in pita and chickpea salad.  She also requested an angel food cake, which is what I asked my grandma to make for my first communion.  I got to make hers using probably the same pan, and decorated it using the same decorating tools, which is fitting in a way.