Rainy Season 2015

Rainy season started with a vengeance on June 1.  May was very much a transition month with the typical periodic nighttime thunderstorms.  There were a few cloudy days, and some drizzle, but not real rainy season rain.

June 1 hit and the sky opened up. Fortunately, that morning wasn’t too bad, basically a persistent mist/drizzle.  During the day it turned black and we got a good downpour.  Tuesday was a bit better, but midmorning we had a good, steady rain.  It was typical rainy season weather–grey, but not too dark, not too much wind, and a steady gauze curtain of water falling from the sky.

Wednesday was epic.  The morning was pretty dark, but no rain.  At about noon it started raining, with a couple of heavier bursts.  This made my noontime run rather soggy.  Midafternoon it cleared out, then early evening it started to get black again.  I left work in a heavy torrent.  It was so bad that the water running across the road was up over the bottom of my bike chain in some places.  Water was flowing so swiftly that it was difficult to keep a straight line, both due to the force of it and the visual disorientation.

Thursday we got some sprinkles, and Friday a good burst of rain  Saturday mid-afternoon was also quite wet.  Sunday we got a break from rain falling from the sky–the moisture just stuck around in the air as humidity.

Since the weather here seems to go on about a seven-day cycle, I expect to get soaked again either Wednesday or Thursday.  Oh well, this is Liberia, and one can expect a thorough soaking in rainy season.