My prediction of the next soaking was wrong.  We’ve had heavy rain all day today.  I got drenched on the way to work, and soaked on the way home.

Even though the rain wasn’t as heavy as last Wednesday, the traffic was far thicker this evening.  A couple of cars had broken down on the road, leading to traffic jams.  The cars probably got waterlogged and just stalled out.  Others were driving very slowly, even if their way was clear, which caused further congestion and frustration for drivers.

I’m not sure how much more the roads can take before they completely fall apart due to potholes and general erosion.  The real problem is that you can’t patch the asphalt during rainy season since whatever you put down will get washed away before it can fully cure.  Come dry season, we’ll probably be all the way to the road bed, so if they decide to re-surface they won’t need to worry about grinding down the existing asphalt.