Solstice Near the Equator

I am definitely from the Northern Hemisphere.  I come originally from Colorado, where one of the beauties of summer is how the day just seems to hang on, reluctantly slinking off to bed well after most children should be asleep.  There’s something a little bit magical about the way the light just won’t let go.  Living near the equator is a little different in that you don’t have that wide range of day lengths you do as you progress north through the latitudes.  Even so, today was noticeably longer than even last week.  I had to look it up:  12:29:25–almost twelve and a half hours of daylight!  The sun was still out at 7:00 pm!

Now, we do make up for it in December.  The length of sunlight on the Winter Solstice is 11:45:32.  That’s a whole 44 minutes shorter than the longest day, but still a lot longer than the shortest day in Colorado:  They only get 9:21:14.