Returning from Vacation

While it was great to be back in Colorado and visiting family for a couple of weeks, it’s also good to be back in Liberia.  I think it has more to do with a comparative sense of permanence rather than being in Liberia per se (since we obviously aren’t Liberians).  We’re back in our own space and can get back into our own daily rhythms.  Once we get over the jet lag, of course.

The return trip went well, but 29 hours of travel time can wear anyone down.  The timing of the flights is surprisingly conducive to getting back on West Africa time in short order, provided you can manage to sleep most of the trans-Atlantic flight and stay awake for the Europe-Africa leg.  I got pretty close to doing that, as did Yakum.  The 90 minute car ride from the airport did her in, though.  She fell asleep and had to be carried inside and up to bed.  Ikinji had a long nap part of the way to Monrovia, but managed to wind down and stayed in bed to sleep when we did.  He did wake up at about midnight, but went back to sleep.  The twins did OK as well, but toddler sleep schedules can be highly variable in any case.

The cats seem happy for us to be back.  Lavash has been trying to stay in the same room with me (she’s currently on my lap purring), and squeaked her unhappiness when I closed the bathroom door to take a shower this morning.  Benson is a little less clingy, but has appreciated all the petting and scritches, especially from Ikinji.

So, back to it.  Suitcases need unpacked, laundry done, and groceries bought.  Next week will be early enough to deal with the jungle that took over the lawn while we were away.