Nourishing the Soul

Father gave an excellent homily today. He not only pulled a thread through all three of the readings, he also tied it to St. Don Bosco, the bicentennial of whose birth they celebrated today (well, everywhere there are Salesians of Don Bosco, except for here and Sierra Leone because of ongoing Ebola precautions).

Picking up on the Bread of Life discourse from the Gospel (John 6:51-58), father emphasized how we always make sure to take time to feed our bodies, but rarely do we take time to feed our souls. He emphasized that we must make time to pray during the day, and that we should be praying every moment. He gave the examples of the Jesus Prayer (Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner) or just saying “Jesus, I trust in you” from the Divine Mercy devotion as ways to continually pray, singing to the Lord in our hearts (the second reading, Ephesians 5:15-20). He pointed out that when we pray always, we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, and give us the seven gifts, as referenced in the first reading (Proverbs 9:1-6).

He ended by relating the dream of Don Bosco in which the ship of the Church needs to be anchored to the twin pillars of the Eucharist and Our Lady. Without spending time in the present of the Eucharist, and without asking the Blessed Mother to intercede for us, we are choosing to let our souls be malnourished. Instead, we need to turn to these to pillars, anchor ourselves to them, so that we can receive all the graces and gifts God gives us.