Weather Forecasting Chickens

A Liberian told me that when chickens are out looking for food in the rain, it’s a sign that we’re in for five solid days of rain.

It started raining heavily in the early morning yesterday. Sure, it let up for about an hour or so, but basically rained/drizzled/dumped all day. When it wasn’t raining, it was grey. Much of the day was this wonderful kind of rain that doesn’t look like it’s really raining much at all, but soaks you to the skin in about two minutes.

Today was much the same. About two or three hours total without any rain, but no sun and the whole spectrum of mist/drizzle/rain/downpour.

On the way to mass this morning, we saw chickens out in the rain, looking for food. If the chickens, and the Liberian folk wisdom are right, we have three more days of rain before we can expect a break. Time to break out the wet suit, since regular rain gear just won’t cut it in these conditions.