St. Nicholas Day

This year, the Second Sunday of Advent falls on the feast of St. Nicholas.  We’ve never made a big deal out of the day, but I did manage to remind the kids about the day through a traditional food (at least for our family):  St. Nicholas’ Purses


I started this a few years ago as a morning sweet to remember the great saint.  According to the legend, St. Nicholas saved three young ladies from being sold into prostitution by throwing bags of coins through their window.  The purses landed in shoes or stockings hanging by the fireplace to dry, which is where we get the tradition of hanging stockings to be filled on Christmas morning.  Coincidentally, this is where the traditional pawn broker’s symbol, of three golden balls, comes from.  For a collection of internet memes commemorating St. Nicholas’ other exploits, including defending orthodoxy by punching the heretic Arius, take a look at The Contrite Catholic.

To make this treat,  take a sweetened enriched dough (think cinnamon roll dough), roll it into a circles about eight inches around, and place a couple of teaspoons of filling in it.  Gather the edges, and pinch them together so that it looks like a bag or old-fashioned purse.  In past years, I’ve done jam or chocolate, but the most popular, and the most fitting for the legend, is golden raisins and honey.  This batch didn’t quite stay sealed, so you can see the golden insides peeking out.

St. Nicholas, pray for us.