Christmas Baking Basically Done

It was a pretty busy Sunday.


Well, at least for some of us.

I was very excited to find rice flour in the grocery store.  The stuff is great to use when you’re rolling out dough–nothing sticks to it, and it’s a fine powder that brushes away very easily once you’re done rolling out your dough.

I baked the potica today, so we’ll probably have that to eat Christmas morning.  I forgot that I usually double the filling, so only had one pound of walnuts.  Still, it turned out quite nice, even if the filling is a little less generous than I would prefer.

The kids also helped make a batch of gingerbread cookies.  No matter what recipe you usually use, you should add some black pepper to it.  It doesn’t take much, probably an equal amount to the cloves in the recipe, but the addition of black pepper makes the ginger really pop.


A car with a Christmas tree on top…or a Christmas dinosaur.


Hey…I didn’t know snowmen had belly buttons!






I’ve got a few more projects to finish, including finishing Ikinji’s present and possibly making Christmas dresses for the girls.  The dresses might not happen in time, but if not, they’ll be perfect for New Year’s.