The Liturgy Wars: It’s Not About You

Wow, spot on analysis of why the liturgy has been warped the way it has, and some suggestions on what we can do to take it back. Yes, we, the non-ministerial, non-clerical: “We should be keeping our traditions, our reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, our music, our art, and bringing them out of the Church. We should be like little kids on show-and-tell day. ‘Hey! Look over here! Look at all the great things I have in my house! Come and see!’ “

The Catholic Geeks

I’ve already talked quite extensively on why the music we hear at Mass is more than a matter of personal taste.  I’ve already explained why the “art for art’s sake” at the Mass is just as much a problem as the former, just in the opposite direction.  I’ve also taken the time to address why the obligatory pre-Mass Rosary can be abused, and why things that clutter up the end of Mass, like announcements, “children’s bulletins,” and so on, are just as dangerous to our souls as bad music.

I gave good reasons for all of those things, and I think I made fairly convincing arguments, but there’s so much more to it than people just not knowing the proper forms.

I may have been addressing the wrong problem all this time, and now it’s well past time to fix that.

I saw this on Fox News’s website…

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