More Mango


Last time I wrote about mango, I talked about the difference between what I called “early” and “late” season mangoes.  Above, you see both varieties.  The early ones (called so because they are consistently the first to show up in mango season) are the long, green ones.  The late are the roundish, red ones.

These got turned into mango curd for Easter to go with the angel food cake.  I like the combination because 1) it tastes fantastic and 2) the curd uses the leftover egg yolks from the cake.  The recipe/guideline/ratio I used is loosely based on the one found at Smitten Kitchen.  Here goes:

Weigh the mango before cutting.  For every 15 oz of mango, weigh out 3 oz sugar, and set aside 4 egg yolks.  Cut the mango into small cubes, add some lemon juice (maybe two tablespoons/one oz) and liquefy with a stick blender.  Add the yolks and blend thoroughly.  Put the mixture in a metal bowl over simmering water.  Add the sugar and a pinch or two of salt.  Whisk constantly until the temperature reaches 170F and the curd is slightly thickened.  Remove from the simmering water, and stir in 1/2 oz butter.  Let cool, then enjoy on angel food cake, shortbread, toast, or whatever.  I find it good mixed with tahini, too.

The butter is actually optional.  It helps smooth out the texture and makes it taste richer.  Last year at about this time we had a butter shortage, so I made it without.  It still tasted great.