Backyard Pineapple

It seems that pineapples take about a little over two years to fruit.  I think it was January/February of 2014 that we planted a pineapple top in our backyard.  It took root immediately, but didn’t do much beyond grow, and pretty slowly at that.  Eventually, it did get pretty big, but no fruit.  I knew it would take a while, and it was sort of unlikely that we would actually see a pineapple from it before we left, but, just like growing an avocado from the seed, it was at least a cool planting experiment.

In December of last year, we noticed it had flowered.DSC00719

The initial red and green was seasonally appropriate.DSC00724

Come January, we were treated to the purple pineapple flowers.DSC00916DSC01033




Once those fell off, it looked like, well, the pineapples you buy, only a bit smaller, and very green.  I wanted to leave it as long as possible to see how big it would get and to let it ripen on the plant.  Two weeks ago, it fell of the stalk, so we brought it in.  It continued to ripen, and we had it today with lunch.

DSC02061It was delicious.  Maybe a little under-ripe, so more acidic than sweet, but still very, very good.  Just one of the perks of living in a tropical environment.