Benson Being…Benson

Benson, although fully grown (he’s about two and a half or so), is still a bit of a goofball.

We need to revisit mealtime training.  He no longer rushes around to eat Lavash’s food before he finishes his (although he’d happily wolf hers down given half a chance), but he has gotten into the habit of trying to steal food off plates while we’re eating.  We did break him of this habit at one point by closing him in another room while we ate, but he seems to have forgotten.  Either that or one (or more) of the kids have been encouraging him.  This morning it was scrambled eggs right off the plate.  He was very proud of himself, too.

Like all cats, he enjoys laying on top of things.  Rugs, cardboard, just…things.  Here he is enjoying a good book:


Go, Dog. Go! has a cross-species appeal.

Benson masquerading as a half-Scottish (reverse) Fold:


Scottish Fold?  You’re doing it wrong


Looks like a strong gust blew through.








Ah, the joys of having felines around.  Lavash is equally as amusing, she just is careful not to let her antics be caught on camera.  She does have a certain reputation to maintain, after all.