Moving, Phase Two: The Travels

The final week went by in a flash.  At work, I had to jump through the checkout hoops, write handover notes and wrap things up to be in a reasonable state for my successor.  I also wound up getting pulled into a few meetings since the lead on the issue was otherwise occupied.  At home, it was a matter of trying to clean somewhat reasonably and pack and repack luggage.  Work, for once, went more smoothly than at home.  Even with all the extra meetings and reports, I finished the bureaucratic aspects of the checkout with time to spare.  Home was a little more…rushed, shall we say.  Mainly it was because we were having power issues which precluded doing laundry in any reasonable sort of manner.  Oh well, it worked out in the end.

A minor issue with the airline not communicating with the counter agent that I still needed to pay to get the cats on the plane to Brussels.  Lavash was decidedly unimpressed with Liberia’s security screening and went back into her carrier pretty easily.  Benson, on the other hand, decided he wasn’t going to be intimidated by all the people and take his dear sweet time getting back in.  Exactly the opposite of what I thought they would do.  Benson also did pretty well on the flights, but Lavash voiced her displeasure all the way to Brussels.  She was quieter to Dulles, but still had some things to say.  In Brussels, she was having none of it, and refused to people watch in protest.  Benson turned out to be very interested in the goings on around him.


Lavash expresses her opinion of intercontinental travel while Benson takes it all in.

All in all, a fairly good trip.  And we’re now back in the U.S.  There’s been a bit of reverse culture shock and unnecessary pot hole evasive maneuvers when driving, but overall it was a good trip.  We’re vacationing and decompressing a bit so that we’re ready for the next phase, which will be the delivery of all our stuff and actually settling back in.  Until then, I’m enjoying the relative quiet and lack of work-related responsibilities.