Settling In

We’ve had almost a week to settle in after our Colorado vacation.  A busy week, to be sure, but I’m feeling surprisingly settled.

We arrived in VA on Monday, and the next day my wife traveled to Massachusetts so she could (successfully) defend her PhD dissertation on Wednesday.  The day she left, we had our furniture delivered from storage.  Wednesday, while she was defending, we had the downstairs carpet re-cleaned, and I took the kids to the library to get Yakum and Ikinji their library cards.  Thursday my wife returned, and I had a meeting with a colleague.  We went to a Thai place for dinner.  Friday, our air freight showed up, and Saturday was a joint birthday party for Quarta’s two godsiblings.  Shopping trips were in there (it’s amazing how long it takes to build a pantry back up, especially if you’re walking to and from the grocery store), as well as some downtime and relaxation.

The cats were quite happy to see us.  Apparently, Benson hid from the cat sitter while we were away.  Or tried to, since crouching behind the toilet in a small bathroom doesn’t exactly make a feline invisible, at least not the way a cardboard box would.  Lavash seems to remember the house, and is quite comfortable.  She keeps on going to a spot where we used to have a scratching post, looking at the wall, then at me as if to say, “I would scratch if there were a post there, so why don’t you give me a treat anyway for being a good cat?”


Just keeping a lookout

Benson has found a couple of new places to perch, to include on top of a cabinet and in the small window above our kitchen door.  Both cats were pleased to see the Turkmen carpets, because I guess they are more comfortable than hardwood floors.




Carpets?  We have carpets?







So, getting settled in.  We’re still waiting on the surface shipment, which will be interesting to unpack.  While we travel pretty light, we did acquire a few more things while in Liberia, so it might be a little difficult to squeeze everything from the gigantic house in Monrovia into our tiny 1940s-era townhouse here.  Part of the fun and challenge of moving, I guess.