Fitting the Furniture In

We’re still waiting for our surface shipment to arrive.  Even though we packed out in early July, the boxes haven’t yet left Liberia.  If we’re lucky, the ship will leave this week, then it’ll be about a month or more to cross the Atlantic, then another couple of weeks to offload and clear customs here, then a week to schedule the delivery, then have the delivery and unpack…so, the good news is we should have our Christmas decorations available for the twelve days of Christmas.  Maybe a little earlier, but not by much.

Even though most of our furniture was in storage, we still had to by a couple of pieces, and the search continues for the rest.  The cats very much appreciate the loft beds we got for Yakum and Ikinji.  They (the cats) get to nap way up high and look out a window at the squirrels that scamper across the roof of our garage.  Why we went with loft beds is to create space underneath for the kids to have as their own, since they share a pretty small room.  It’s worked pretty well so far, but it will be better once we get dressers and a desk so one of them can do homework in the room (and the other downstairs at the dining room table).

In searching for dressers and a desk, I’ve turned to Craigslist, which strikes me very much as an Ikea resale site, at least around here.  Sure, there are some other items on there, but it seems like every other piece of furniture comes originally from Ikea.  Not a bad thing, really, but interesting to note.  I also note that “vintage” seems to be a flexible term, and mid-century modern is code for “chunky and clunky so we’ll call it something to make it sound stylish.”  It also means that it won’t physically fit in my townhouse, which was built before the “mid-century modern” style took off.  At least, it won’t fit if we want to have any space to move around at all.

I’m also due for a trip to a housewares store to buy a small under-sink garbage can.  Our larger one made it into airfreight because I thought it would fit under the sink.  Nope, I was wrong.  So we currently have a mobile garbage can that moves about the tiny kitchen depending on which cabinet needs to be open at a given time.  If I don’t get a suitable trash can soon, I might need to mount it on wheels.  Not entirely necessary, but it would be fun and make cleaning up other parts of the house a little easier, too.