Glorious Autumn

One of the things I missed in Liberia was the seasons.  Sorry, just having rainy and less rainy times of the year didn’t really cut it for me.  I look forward to the changes in the weather, the amount of daylight fluctuating, and subtle differences in the quality of the light.

We’ve finally hit a cooling trend really in the past couple of days.  We’ve been able to leave windows open a little bit to let the breezes in and cool the house down.  The cats have been enjoying it, too, since they get to stick their noses up against the screens.  Once I get around to putting in pet-proof (or at least pet-resistant, since I’m sure pet-proof doesn’t really exist) screens, we’ll be able to open things up even more.  Then again, the cats did get a little bit of a scare early one morning when we had a couple of visitors on our back deck.  Lavash had jumped on the window sill, but then jumped backwards down like there was another cat out there that had scared her.  Benson also got on the sill, but was acting like there might be an intruder.  At first, I thought it was a cat, then I got another look and realized it was a raccoon.  Nope, a pair of them, both of which were larger than either of my cats.  Good thing the window was only open about three inches.  The raccoons seemed content enough to just peek in and wander by, but it did put the cats on edge for a while.

With the shorter days, different sun angle, and more particulate matter in the air, we’re getting some nice sunsets.  Twice this week the kids commented on how beautiful the sunset was.  I can’t really blame them:


Finally, we’re entering the fall harvest.  Some fruit is finishing up, some just coming in, and all of it good.  To celebrate, I made a pie, following the recipe template from Serious Eats.  This one used pear, peach, plum, and some raspberry.  Really, really good.  Yes, I know my latticework needs work, but I’m really happy with how the pie turned out overall.  Lavash also approves, at least of the crust, since she managed to snag a piece of the top crust before I managed to put the pie in the cat-proof box, also known as the microwave.  dsc03576

Here’s to fall and all the wonderful things it brings!