Confessions of an Uninformed Voter

Yep, I admit it, I’m an uninformed voter. At least, I feel like one this time around.  It isn’t so much that I’m unaware of the candidates (in addition to the two major ones, we’ve also got the Libertarians, the Greens, and McMullen on the ballot), and the two state constitution amendments are interesting, but I have no idea on the House race.  Out of all of it, the Congressional elections (and local, but those seem not to be happening this year here) are probably more important than the top of the ticket.

Part of the issue is we just moved back in late July, and spent most of the next month in Colorado.  By the time we came back to Virginia, we’d missed high campaign season for congressional elections.  Also, we don’t have a television, and rarely listen to the radio.  While I do follow the news pretty closely, to include local papers, there hasn’t be much, if anything, on the race for the 8th district.  I don’t know if it is presumed to be locked up, or if I’m just not tapped in to the right channels, but the lack of information is almost as maddening as the surfeit of news stories about the candidates for President.

I have looked at the websites for the three House candidates and, while they aren’t quite as underwhelming as the Presidential candidates (I mean, really, couldn’t the major parties have done better and run a candidate with some actual ideas and without major (at least perceived) flaws?), they are less than fully inspiring.  There just isn’t much to hang a vote on for any of them.  I hate to say this, but I sort of wish there were more campaigning going on.  Not at the national level, though, just at my local level, because I’d really like to make an informed decision so that I can cast an affirmative vote for a candidate to office because I believe that individual will do a good job representing me, rather than cast a negative vote against someone from a party that is less aligned with my opinions on how government is supposed to run (not that any of them are really actually aligned with my political philosophy).

More research on the candidates, and many prayers for the country are definitely in order.