Ways to Confuse the Cats

Sometimes we joke that at least half of what we do is solely to confuse the cats.  If that’s true, then the past week has been mission accomplished.  Lavash and Benson have been in a near-constant state of confusion since last Sunday.

It starts out with the end of Daylight Saving Time last Sunday (this one got the kids, too).  Sure, last week they had to wait an extra hour for breakfast, but we stuck to their 0600/1800 feeding schedule, at least according to the clock.  The sun, of course, tells a slightly different story.  All of a sudden, it was getting light when it was breakfast time, and it was dark at dinner.  Breakfast hasn’t been as much of an issue as dinner is; the sun setting around/before 1800 has really driven Lavash nuts.  She’ll start asking for dinner at 1700, largely, I think, based on the angle of the sun.  In Liberia, it would usually be dark when they had breakfast, and even in the middle of December it would be dusk, not full dark for dinner.  They are definitely not amused by the change, even though their meals are still spaced the same.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re trying to have the peoples’ dinner a little earlier to facilitate earlier bedtimes and a smoother evening routine.  The evening routine is still a work in progress (it usually is), but the earlier dinner has been getting there.  The cats don’t get that the people would sit down to eat before them, or at the same time, since usually the feline contingent gets its dinner out of the way before the humans.  Again, keeping the cats off balance is the name of the game.

We also disrupted the workweek rhythm a bit.  The cats, but Lavash especially, have a sense of how the week unfolds, and anything that changes the usual departure or arrival times makes the cats a little leery of what’s going on.  Thursday were parent-teacher conferences at the school.  I was able to attend the conferences in the morning, but that meant I left the house later than usual for a weekday.  Lavash wasn’t sure what to make of it.  Benson was, well, Benson and bouncing off the walls a little bit.  We also had a front moving through, and when the weather changes like that he gets quite riled up.  Friday was Veterans’ Day, so I had the day off.  This seriously confused the cats.  Not that they weren’t happy for me to be around, but they weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

Which brings me to the final thing we did to confuse the cats:  move furniture around.  We’re still trying to get settled in completely, and that involves some occasional furniture rearranging.  Friday’s fun was the main bedroom, with the dressers and bed getting moved around to fit in better and to provide a little more space for more storage, as well as moving a bed in for the twins.  It took a lot of careful measuring and an app on my tablet to make sure everything would fit, but it finally does.  The cats actually like this change, I think, because it opens up more opportunities to watch squirrels out the window, or to enjoy a sunbeam while curled up on a bed.  Still, it took them several hours to examine everything in the new places and to make sure they approved.

If I kept the cats confused last week, I can’t wait to see what they do this coming week when I took some time off to try and finally put the house back in order and ready for the upcoming holiday season.  Should be fun.