A Warm Headwind?

The weather the past two days has been odd, to say the least.  Last night, heading home, I had a headwind (typical) that was warm (seriously atypical for this time of year in the Northern Virginia/DC area).  Last night’s commute also featured fog that had settled on the Potomac and just wasn’t moving.  It’s been rainy, so the combination of wet leaves, dark, and fog made things just a little interesting

Tonight it was even warmer.  No fog, but quite warmer.  The oddity tonight was that mixed in with the warm headwind, I had a couple of spots with a cross current of cold air.

It usually takes me a few months to adjust to the weather patterns in a new place, but when the weather goes all crazy like this, it makes it hard to get a feel for what to expect.  If the forecasters are to be believed, we’ll settle back to some more seasonal weather soon.  That’ll be good because I can stop carrying so many contingency layers with me (just in case things get really cold for the ride home) and just put them on in the morning.