Benson’s First Winter

The kids are excited to be back in a place with snow. Benson, on the other hand, is trying to figure out why housecats don’t hibernate.  His new favorite place is right in front of the heat register, at least when he isn’t curled up on a loft bed. He has also become more determined to steal food from Lavash or directly from the table. This behavior has gotten him exiled to the basement on a near-regular basis the past few weeks. He seems to have put on son winter weight, probably from eating much of Lavash’s food. Lavash has gotten a little more svelte,which makes it easier for her to beat up on Benson when they play and roughhouse.  Both cats are much more interested in sitting on a lap than they were this summer, and are even willing to share space on a chain when no lap is available.

I’m sure Benson will get used to the weather just in time for it to warm back up.  Confusing the cats is just part of the job of cat ownership, isn’t it?