The 2016 Christmas Dress

dsc04137I actually finished it time for Yakum to wear to midnight mass.  OK, I was finishing it at about 9:00pm (timing went out, broke a needle, had to re-wind a bobbin, everything that could go wrong when you’re trying to finish a project at the last minute), but it got done.

dsc04138A simple dress with a bodice out of a stretch white cotton with an embroidered eyelet overlay, and sleeves and an ankle-length quarter-circle skirt out of dark green crepe-back satin.  My initial plan had been to do the eyelet over the sleeves and a partial overskirt.  Once I had it together, my wife pointed out that the matte bodice looked a little odd against the satin, and thought the eyelet would go better over the bodice, rather than the sleeves.  She was right, of course.

dsc04140This was my first time putting in an invisible zipper.  It was surprisingly easy.  You just have to stop and think through how it will look once it’s closed, and pin accordingly.  I did it without a specialized foot, since the one in my cheap set of multiple feet didn’t want to work with this zipper.

Yes, I dsc04141messed it up at the very bottom and should probably go back and hand stitch that small gap closed better so it doesn’t show.


It was also my first time doing a bias binding on the collar.  Not too terribly hard, even with trying to make a point in the middle.

dsc04142The white thread on the rolled hems (skirt and sleeves) is, in fact, intentional.  It was either that or use a green that just would not blend in.  Given the options, I went with the white, which suggests rime on evergreen boughs (maybe if you squint a little, but I’m going with it).

Overall, I’m happy with it, and so is Yakum.  There are a couple of other little details that went wrong, but the overall effect is pretty good.

Now for my next project, jeans for Ikinji.